Treatment Times

We want to make sure that your visit is as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.  So we have come up with some helpful hints and tips to ensure that your visit to Uniquely You is as plesant and restoring as possible.

  • to make the most of your appointment it is a good idea to arrive 10 miniutes or so early.  This allows for any problems with parking or traffic, or simply time to relax with a drink and magazine before your treatment.
  • in the same way it is also a good idea to allow 15 minutes or so after your treatment so that you are not rushing or worrying about how much time is left on your parking ticket.
  • we would love to be able to provide you all with parking spaces, right outside our door.  Unfortunately we do not have this facility.  However there is meter pay on street parking in the local area.  If you think you are going to go over your parking time, please let us know, and we can estimate your finish time or put more money on your car for you.
  • This is all great in an ideal world.  If however, your appointment is during your lunch hour or similar, please do remind your therapist/stylist of your time constraints.
  • Mobile phones are fine, however, we respectfully ask that you turn off your mobile whilst you are in the Beauty Rooms.  This helps ensure that everyone's visit is a more pleasant experience.
Please familiarise yourself with our cancellation policy to avoid any misunderstanding about charges that apply to missed or cancelled appointments. Please be advised that our online booking system requires payment before booking can be confirmed.


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